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Company: Michigan State Women's Basketball

Location: East Lansing, MI

Dates: June 2022 – June 2023

Position: Director of Creative Media

Responsibilities: Managed team's social media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok & YouTube, produced video & photo content for team's social media and recruiting media, created new content formats and recurring segments for social media, designed promo posters, interior elements, score & gameday updates and other still and motion graphics, hired and managed student workers, collaborated with other teams and departments

Two out of eight episodes of the weekly pre-season strength & conditioning competition.

All other episodes can be found here.

#SpartanStrongHER Strength & Conditioning Show

Author, Director, Camera Operator, Editor

East Lansing, MI

June  July 2022

Theryn & Abbey Diaries (Vlog Series)

Author, Director, Camera Operator, Editor, Publisher

East Lansing, MI

January 2023

The fourth episode of the regular vlog series hosted by our player hosts, Theryn Hallock and Abbey Kimball.

After purchasing the vlog camera for our freshmen to start their own segment on the Michigan State Women's Basketball social media, I assigned them to create fun and easily watchable content from various events, pregame activities and other worthy occasions.

MAC & MERCH Talk Show Series

Co-Author, Director, Multi-Camera / Mic Operator, Editor, Publisher

East Lansing, MI

November 2022

Episodes seven and six of the weekly MAC & MERCH show about mental health in the collegiate athletics. Hosted by Kamaria McDaniel and Suzy Merchant.

#SpartanSummHER: Episode 2

Director, Camera Operator, Editor, Publisher

East Lansing, MI

July 2022

The second episode of our regular summer vlogs.

0:00 – Trailer

0:16 – Intro / strength update from Annalise Pickrel

0:57 – Practice (July 19, 2022)

2:05 – Jared & Lindsay baby shower

2:36 – Ele's 5K Race Volunteering

3:53 – Camp update from Suzy Merchant

4:37 – Practice (July 26, 2022)

6:26 – Suzy Merchant's birthday team lunch

7:23 – Steve Smith's conversation with the players

Various Short-Form Social Media Videos

Camera Operator, Editor

East Lansing, MI

June 2022 – February 2023

Various Graphic Design Work


East Lansing, MI

June 2022 – March 2023

Basketball × Gymnastics Challenge

Co-author, Director, Camera Operator, Editor, Publisher

East Lansing, MI

January 2023

This two-part project is the collective idea of the Michigan State Women's Basketball, Gymnastics and Marketing creative teams.

The primary goal was to promote the Alumni Day / Title IX events for both WBB and GYM happening on the same day, January 22, 2023.

Part 1 (basketball) and part 2 (gymnastics) were posted separately on the Women's Basketball's and Gymnastics' social media.

The full video was posted by the main Michigan State Athletics social media.

Part 2: Gymnastics

Part 1: Basketball

Spartans React Series

Director, Multi-Camera Operator, Audio Engineer, Editor, Publisher

East Lansing, MI

March  April 2023

Entertaining social media series in which Michigan State Women's Basketball players reflect and react watching the clips from the 2022-2023 season.


Video: Sony A7IV on the motorized camera slider & Sony a6500.

Audio: Lewitt LCT 441 FLEX & 240 PRO mics via Rødecaster Pro II audio mixer for players to control the audio effects and apply them simultaneously with the recording for the more interactive reactions.

Michigan State Football Spring Game 2023 Promo


East Lansing, MI

April 2023

Our football team needed assistance with the promotion of the spring game – here are the vertical and horizontal versions of the video I made for them.

Michigan State Football Recruiting Template


East Lansing, MI

April 2023

Another project I assisted the Michigan State Football program with is creating a new recruiting template from scratch – here is the sample video for one of the recruits.

Michigan State Women's Basketball Recruiting Template

Camera Operator, editor

East Lansing, MI

April 2023

One of my projects for the Michigan State Women's Basketball was creating the post-visit recruiting video template, in addition to the pictures me and my student intern took, edited and delivered the players within a day.

As the Director of Creative Media, I created personalized media projects for student-athletes to diversify content, generate NIL opportunities for athletes, and broaden the social media reach.


Video: Sony A7IV, Canon R5 & Sony a6500.

Audio: earlier episodes – AT2020+ USB mic,

later episodes – RØDE Wireless GO II mics.

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