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Interview with Eugene Starikov, Indy Eleven

Scriptwriter, interviewer, camera operator, director, editor

Tampa, FL

August 2018

SYL 2017 Final Recap Video


Tampa, FL

July 2018

Super Y-League is a youth soccer league with over 500 teams. Every year, during the final event, kids from all over North America compete for the main trophy in their age category.


I have edited a highlight video from 2017 final.

50 TikTok Videos for USL


Tampa, FL

June 2018

USL is trying to stay active on all possible social media platforms, including (TikTok).


During the two weeks that I have been working on this project, I have created 50 videos that will be published later this season on the USL's official (TikTok) account. 

Daily / weekly work

Filming weekly "Hat Trick" series for USL's

Instagram series

Company: United Soccer Leagues, LLC.

Location: Tampa, FL

Dates: June 2018 - August 2018

Position: Digital Asset / Video Production Intern

As an intern at the United Soccer Leagues, I had an opportunity to interview Eugene Starikov, the USSR-born American soccer player.


I wrote an outline with the questions, got an approval from my department, prepared all the necessary equipment, and arrived to Indy's training to shoot an interview with Eugene a day before the game. Finally, I edited the final project, and now it can be found on the USL's YouTube channel and website.

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